Friday, March 4, 2022

Christian fiction filled with cute children

I love children and I love seeing them make an appearance in the books I read. Sometimes their appearances help me see the world through their eyes and show my own children compassion for their child-sized struggles while other times they just delight me. If you like to see children in your fiction too, here's a list of kid-filled Christian fiction picks I've read. 

At Home in Mitford... Father Tim spends a lot of time fostering a boy in this book. I didn't really love this story the way so many others do but I did think this relationship was cute. 

Beneath the Seams... Our main protagonist here has a mommy-and-me fashion line so we see a lot of sweet moments between her and her daughter. We've got travel, fashion, ethics, and a life-changing new understanding of a pretty underrated issue. Love this one! 

The Haunting of Bonaventure Circus... This one is for my suspense fans. This gothic timeslip shows us the 1920s circus life of Pippa and the modern-day single mom attempting to balance motherhood with a job renovating the old circus depot... And a whole lot of mystery and intrigue in between. 

Karen Kingsbury's Baxter Family series... I love this series! I've linked book 1, which I don't think talks as much about the children, but we soon see a whole lot of the kids in the Baxter Family. My current favorite series. 

Life After... A young girl's mother was killed in a train bombing and now she is teaming up with the only survivor for a big project. The PTSD in this one felt very accurate. 

Over the Edge... Our heroine has been infected with Lyme disease as payback to her husband since he doesn't believe in its ability to cause chronic illness. He doesn't believe her, either and she's trying to balance motherhood with this mystery even while her body is betraying her. So good! 

Remember Me... I was so excited to learn about the Spanish civil war but my goodness! War atrocities, sexual child abuse, and suicide are all depicted in this novel. I felt no hope walking away from it! Still, the siblings' strong relationship was a beautiful thing to see. 

Rock Harbor series... This series is about a search-and-rescue worker and her dog but a child is also very heavily featured throughout each book. I think this is the first adult series I truly enjoyed and saw all the way through. 

Stories That Bind Us... This 1960s story is about a newly widowed 40-year-old and the relationship she begins to strike up with the young nephew she never even knew existed. This one is very sweet. 

Until Leaves Fall in Paris*... This WWII story has so many things I love in a book! We have a ballerina, a bookstore, secret resistance missions, and a big meaty moment of intensity! Plus the cutest little girl, Josie, who is a creative little storyteller herself. This was a good one! 

*I received a free copy of Until Leaves Fall in Paris from Netgalley. Opinions are my own. 


  1. I have read Life After and very much enjoyed it too! I started At Home in Mitford but have not finished it yet. I think I'll check out the Rock Harbor series next. I'm currently on a Francine Rivers binge. Just finished book 2 of the Mark of Lion series last night.

    1. I really need to try Francine Rivers! I did read her Christmas short story, I think called The Shoebox, but that's it! I have The Masterpiece on my shelf but it's pretty far down the line and going out of order bothers my brain 😆


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