Friday, February 18, 2022

Homeschool Science: Ecosystems!

For the last two months we've been trying out the Ecosystems science unit from The Good and the Beautiful. 

This is a 9-lesson unit with two mini books and a few hands-on activities but no experiments. There are also some related books available on the site but I didn't buy those. 

Like the other TGTB science units I've tried, this one encourages you to have a dedicated science wall for vocabulary words/definitions and a science notebook. The full wall + notebook aren't part of my homeschool set-up so we made the necessary substitutions and it worked just fine for us. 

We loved learning about the systems the world is made of, habitats, food chains... And, of course, animals. 

During this unit, which is complete on its own, we also enjoyed the following resources: 

Galapagos... This short movie was a really great way to put so much about ecosystems into a visual, applicable add-on. 

How Great is Our God... We love this science devotional and I found quite a few different devotions that worked well with our unit. 

No Monkeys No Chocolate... A great look at chains/webs and the way everything is interconnected. 

Wild Kratts... I'm not a big fan of most TV but I'm okay with this nature-focused PBS Kids show. 

We also took a trip to a semi nearby zoo for somebody's birthday and it was pretty fun to hear the kids reminding us/each other of things they'd been learning! 

(See the peacock so close behind me?) 

Overall I think this unit was a fun and informative unit but I don't think I would try it until your oldest child is in 2nd or 3rd grade or later. 


  1. Great day at the zoo! Let summer come to my city soon. We have a huge and beautiful zoo. I really like walking there in the summer with my children.
    The peacock in the photo is so funny! 🙂🦚

    1. It's a fun way to spend a day. I wish we had a zoo in our town!


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