Friday, March 25, 2022

Middle Grade March: 12 great reads for animal lovers

Adventures of a South Pole Pig... We love this cute adventure story about a delightful pig, two cats, and a slew of sled dogs! 

Charlotte's Web... This delightful classic takes place on a farm and along with our pig main character you'll spend a lot of time with sheep, geese, and Templeton the rat! 

The Chronicles of Narnia... This classic 7-book fantasy series features all kinds of animals (real and mythical) but I think Aslan the Lion and Reepicheep the mouse are the obvious favorites. 

The Cricket in Times Square... Chester the Cricket, Tucker the Cat, Harry the Pigeon, and a delightful story! 

The Green Ember... Rabbits with swords and a battle of good vs evil. Adore this one! 

Little House series... You'll see their good old bulldog Jack all the time but there's also plenty of time with Susan the Cat, Pet and Patty, a bear, a deer Pa just couldn't hunt... Delightful! 

The Mouse and the Motorcycle... We love this trilogy about a toy motorcycle-riding mouse, and often his mouse family. 

My Side of the Mountain... Sam Gribley moves into a hollowed out tree in the woods and trains a Peregrine falcon. One of my childhood favorites, and one of my dad's before that! 

The One and Only Ivan... A gorilla, a dog, and a baby elephant. My son has read this Newberry winner from Ivan the gorilla's perspective 15 times this year! 

Stuart Little... Another talking mouse, another favorite of my children. The cat, you should know, is not looked at with fondness in this one. 

Summer of the Monkeys... Another childhood favorite! I loved Jay Barry's search for escaped circus monkeys! 

The Trumpet of the Swan... EB White has such a way with animal stories! I do like Charlotte's Web more than i like this one but still, it's a good one! 


  1. I have the book "The one and only Ivan" at home, I want to read it soon. I also have two other Katherine Applegate books: Crenshaw and Wishtree. These two have already been read. I liked the author's style. After your publication, Sarah, I was very interested in a book about a summer with monkeys, but so far I have only found a movie. But then I saw another Wilson Rawls book "Where the Red Fern Grows" in my favorite online store, she has such good recommendations! Of course, I immediately ordered it!

    1. I have read Where the Red Fern Grows. I loved it as a kid but it is a sad one!


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