Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Our beloved Easter books

Amon's Adventure... This family devotional also works well as a middle grade read and it made my Easter experience so awesome the year I read it! 

The Berenstain Bears' Easter Sunday... My kids all adore the Berenstain Bears and enjoy this one every March/April!

The Easter Story... Just a simple book with the Easter story inside.

God Gave Us Easter... I love this series and I love the Easter version too! 

The Golden Egg Book... This is a secular book that my husband held in his hands as a little kid. It isn't my very favorite story ever but I love it anyway because I love it so much that it's a family book! 

The Legend of the Easter Egg... I adore these Legend books! 

The Legend of the Easter Robin...  I adore these Legend books! 

The Legend of the Sand Dollar...  I adore these Legend books! 

Precious Moments: The Joy of Easter and The Wonder of Easter (out of print)... I grew up with that big white Precious Moments story bible so these bring back happy memories. 

Rufus and Ryan Celebrate Easter... This board book is probably in its last year around here until I have grandkids someday but it's been beloved. 

The Tale of the Three Trees... This deeper picture book gets read at Christmas and Easter around here. I love it! 

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