Friday, May 27, 2022

5 Recent Library Finds

Atlantis (secular middle grade)... I'm super into the story of Atlantis. A always crushes my Bigfoot dreams ("He's not real," pshhhh) but he wonders about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle so there's hope for him yet! 😉 

Meet Grace Marie (secular middle grade)... This American Girl book takes place in 1853 New Orleans. I didn't connect with the main character as much as I have in other American Girl Books but it was fine and I'll be checking out the next in the series. 

Rosa Takes a Chance (Christian middle grade)... This is a Sisters in Time book, a series where each book is about a different girl and a different time period. 

Unbroken (secular movie with strong faith values)... I read the young reader edition of the book a few years ago and it was a bit much for me at times but very moving. I knew Ryan would love the story so we finally watched the movie version. I was so disappointed that the beautiful faith story was completely glossed over! But it turns out there's a part 2 so maybe that's the faith part. 

Vincent Comes Home (secular picture book)... This is such a sweet picture book about a cat finding his version of home. My girls were very into it. 

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