Saturday, July 9, 2022

10 kindergarten books my family has loved

These are the very earliest of readers from our personal shelves, confidence boosters made up mostly of one-syllable words. 

Babybug magazine... We have two of these found in a little free library but I can't vouch for every issue. 

Big Dog and Little Dog... This simple series makes my kids smile because they just love dog books! 

Dash Into Reading... This ten-book set makes us very happy. It's pretty, simple, and sweet. We don't use the full curriculum, just the readers, but I liked what I saw of the curriculum sample! 

Dick and Jane Friends Treasury... I recently read someone saying that they learned to read with Dick and Jane and are so thankful we have moved past that because no child should ever have to learn that way. I chuckled a little because we found this book at a Little Free Library and my kids have loved it! 

Footprints in the Snow... My kids also love snowy forest books and wild animals so thoroughly enjoy the pictures in this one. 

The Good and the Beautiful readers... We have the Level K reader and mini books from their original course set, the beginner books they came out with next, and now we have the reading booster set headed our way. I have yet to come across one of their books I didn't find to be clean, wholesome, and lovely! 

Hiccups for Elephant... Not the most educational book there is but I love elephants and they love me so it's another favorite. 

Little Pig and Big Pig... One of my girls adores pigs and was so happy the first time she could read a book about them! 

Rick is Sick... We love so many David McPhail books! This one is perfect for the earliest readers. 

Todd's Box... A lot of these Green Light readers are actually more interesting in my opinion but this one specifically made my girls smile so onto the favorites list it goes! 

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