Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Christian New Releases

By Way of the Moonlight* by Elizabeth Musser (time slip)... let me just say right off the bat that this book is going to make some horse lovers very happy. I don't tend to be very into horse stories- although I am not opposed to them- but I still enjoyed the writing and I am always very interested in stories that are told from multiple perspectives and especially over multiple time.. this one has a contemporary storyline and a historical trail that starts in the early 1930s.

Escape from Amsterdam* by Lauralee Bliss (historical fiction)... I adore WWII stories that center around people helping others even though they know it could be the last thing they do. This book is about a young woman taking action to help children escape from amsterdam. You are of course rooting for them so you can expect to feel very invested with this one. There is also a romantic element to this novel. 

Lifemark* by Chris Fabry (Contemporary Christian fiction)... this is a novelization of an upcoming movie by the Kendrick Brothers and I am now so excited for that movie! This is a story of adoption and it's really beautiful to look at it from each angle - the angle of the birth parents, the angle of the adoptive parents, and the angle of the child himself. Because the beginning of the story starts with the teenaged birth parents and then the whole second half is heavily focused on the teenage adoptee, I feel that this one also works quite well for teenagers who are interested in adult Christian fiction and I have put it on my kids' potential high school reading shelf. Although teen pregnancy is an important part of this story we never see any graphic depictions of the situations that led to le bebe. 

Mothering by the Book* by Jennifer Pepito (nonfiction) ... I truly loved this book about motherhood and books! But it's about so much more than that. Jennifer writes about so many different fears that can grip mothers today and so many of these fears were things I myself have dealt with or even still deal with. I loved the way she used literature to draw connections and inspire us. 

Perfectly Placed* by Liana George... I read the first book, Perfectly Arranged, last year and Liana was so sweet as to send me a copy of the sequel. Although our protagonist went home from China she returns in this book and we see much more of the orphanage and the little girl she met there.. and also ben. Give this series a try if you like a book that leaves you with that heart-warmed feeling.

Worried About Everything Because I Pray About Nothing* by Chad Veach (nonfiction)... I was excited about this book because I loved a previous book by the author, Unreasonable Hope. This book is all about prayer and how to pray. I don't feel that it's a book I necessarily needed in the sense that I had grew up in the church and have known how to pray for most of my life, but I still found plenty to make me think and reflect. The layout is written more like a blog post with large gaps between justified paragraphs rather than the traditional indented paragraph style but that did not bother me or take away from the reading for me personally. 

* I received a free copy and exchange for an honest review.


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