Wednesday, December 14, 2022

5 non-book things I've been loving

🏔 Snowy landscapes, snow-capped trees, all the snow! I know a lot of people find winter landscapes depressing but I find them to be the prettiest! 

🎄 Christmas cards on display above our bed

🍊 A (clean, never been used as a sink trap!) sink strainer in a mason jar to filter my homemade juices further! 

👕 This sweatshirt, which Ryan bought for me- in a men's size so it's oversized + longer in the waist. I love the color and the design, it's 100% cotton, and I guess I'm now a sweatshirt girl. 

🖐 Making things with my hands again, that satisfaction that comes from having taken a yard of fabric + a spool of thread and turned it into something else entirely. 

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