Sunday, January 1, 2023

Bookish links- January 2023

Christmas vacation views: morning lemon water, morning reading, this throw blanket in the larger size 

January new releases that have my attention: Dear Henry, Love Edith // Something Old, Something New by Amy Clipston // What Happens Next by Christina Suzann Nelson // Yesterday's Tides by Roseanna M White 

I am going to get this clear case for my husband's Kindle Paperwhite and pick out some fun scrapbook paper to make it whatever fun print we want via this tutorial! Probably something woodsy, knowing us. 

How to throw a fabulous book party 

Crocheters, how sweet is this Anne of Green Gables doll? (I recommend cotton or wool yarns and fillings for a healthier doll) 

This bookshelf puzzle looks like it might be the very hardest 

Fun bookish Etsy finds: the prettiest Tolkein print // Winnie the Pooh wooden peg dolls // Madeline greeting card // Poky Little Puppy Earrings // CS Lewis + Coffee sweatshirt 

I accidentally discovered this last week... A 10-hour ASMR, crackling fire to play while you read 

Custom book cover cookies! Such a fun idea for authors' look launch parties! 

Book Dragon mug 😊

Currently reading: 2 Timothy // To Heaven and Back // Growing Boldly // All the Lost Places // Sunset 

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  1. Hello Sarah! Happy New Year 2023! Plaid is wonderful! And thanks for the video with the fireplace and crackling fire, it's very cozy! I think I'll turn it on sometimes!


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