Tuesday, January 3, 2023

What we watched in December

Batman... One of my kids got the old Batman series on DVD for Christmas. We will be working our way through all these episodes for quite a while! 

Christmas in Evergreen... Cute Hallmark film about a Christmassy small town and the people who love it. I enjoyed this one. (Found this via A Very Merry Holiday Movie Guide

Christmas with Holly... A little girl is being raised by her three young uncles after her mother passed away... and of course there is a love interest. Sweet, enjoyable. Early on one of the uncles comes out of the room in his boxer shorts and then another uncle tells him to go get dressed. (Found this via A Very Merry Holiday Movie Guide

The Christmas Train... This is one of the better made-for-TV Christmas movies I've ever seen. I actually wonder if it was indeed a made-for-TV movie because of this. We have a journalist and a screenwriter who used to date and never expected to run into each other, forced to work together on, well, a Christmas train. I liked this one and fully intend to watch it again in the future. (Found this via A Very Merry Holiday Movie Guide)

The Great Alaskan Race... We were so happy with this movie aside from a D-word incidence. Very well done movie about Balto and Togo, and the community of Nome during that time. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas... This is an old favorite we just had to watch once before Christmas! Especially since its only about 30 minutes long! 

It's a Wonderful Life... I adore this movie! I hadn't seen it in years but still knew nearly every scene. We watched a colorized version, my first time seeing that. 

Little House on the Prairie... We finished season 4 in December and then started season 5! Scene change, very fun! 

Magic Stocking... This was another cute Hallmark movie, about a widowed young mother and her daughter finding all kinds of fun little things in a magic stocking. (Found this via A Very Merry Holiday Movie Guide

The Star... This was our first time watching this animated nativity movie. The production quality was good. The story wasn't perfectly accurate and there were a few potty humor jokes but it was an enjoyable watch. 

White Christmas... This was our first time watching this classic and now we're on an old/classic movie kick. Now taking recommendations! 


  1. Sarah, thanks for the recommendation! I just watched the movie "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" and I was thinking that I want to see another good Christmas movie, but I didn't know which one. It's like you read my mind! Thank you for this list of Christmas movies!

    1. I have read that picture book but I didn't know it had been made into a movie! Now I am the one getting a recommendation for my own list!


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