Friday, February 3, 2023

Magazines we enjoy

We have had subscriptions to a few of these magazines in the past but I only currently have a subscription to one of these and can't speak on the most up-to-date content otherwise.

Clubhouse Jr (Christian, kids)... This is a Focus on the Family publication my oldest really enjoyed for a few years. I kept the issues and they have been enjoyed by the younger kids in succession.

Compassion Explorer (Christian, kids)... This magazine has been such a cool way for my kids to learn more about the lives of children in other countries and cultures, and to inspire a generously compassionate heart.

Guideposts (Christian, adult)... I loved Guideposts for Kids when I was in elementary school and now I love Guideposts. These small magazines usually contain at least a couple of deep short stories that inspire and move me.

Highlights and High Five (secular, kids)... My husband and I both remember loving these at dentists' offices as kids. Now our kids enjoy them thanks to a generous subscription to each from my grandparents. 

Honest History (secular, kids)... These are available at a nearby library so I have been slowly borrowing one at a time. I haven't yet encountered anything that I wasn't comfortable passing to my nine-year-old, but I also have only read two of them.

Magnolia Journal (secular by Christians, adult)... A sweet friend gifted me a subscription to this magazine for Christmas and I am loving it! I have always like Joanna Gaines and now I love this (beautiful) magazine, too!

Mother Earth News (secular, adult)... My husband and I both adore this homesteading magazine. We have gotten so many ideas (and so much inspiration!) for maximizing our gardening spaces, survival tips, recipes, and more!

Ranger Rick (secular, kids)... We have gotten a few of these from the library and they've all been hits. We love learning about animals!

Writer's Digest (secular, adult)... I had a subscription to this magazine for a few years back in the day. I loved it back then but I recently read a back issue at the library and was delighted. I forgot how giddy and nerdy these made me feel! I do recall at least one issue talking about writing, er, let's say steamy fiction, so take that into consideration here. 

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