Saturday, February 25, 2023

My honest thoughts on Science for Little Hearts and Hands: Fields and Flowers


My children and I just finished an elementary school nature science curriculum by The Good and the Beautiful, Science for Little Hearts and Hands: Fields and Flowers. I purchased this book on my own The course is designed for children in the second grade and younger but my 4th grader willingly participated too.

The course can be 100% open-and-go if you like. You open up the parents' guide and read the intro. Then you will either read a story from the accompanying science story book or you'll watch a related video. (These alternate every other lesson). After the story/video you'll read about three questions from the parents' guide and discuss.

There are optional crafts and activities that go along with each lesson but aren't requirements. we chose to do some but not all of these. 

The lessons are very short but i think that's a good thing! We enjoyed other resources and activities on our own to reinforce/expand the lessons we bad just enjoyed but I often feel like I "can't" do that if we are working through longer lessons and have already spent a lot of time on something.

We loved this curriculum and will definitely be purchasing the next Science for Little Hearts and Hands installment. I do use their math and Story of the World history but I otherwise like to make up my own curriculum these days. This was a lovely, welcome addition. 

I do wish they weren't moving in the direction of so many online-only video resources (If they offered a DVD/CD-rom of the videos to purchase as an extra, this would be much more doable for my family) but I was otherwise quite happy with it. 

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