Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Recent reads

All my Knotted Up Life (Christian, memoir)... Beth Moore's book Breaking Free completely changed my life. Then I started to read and hear all kinds of awful things about her and her faith position. I had trouble reconciling what I had initially read with all of this and wasn't sure what to expect from this memoir. It was difficult and beautiful and I recommend it. ESPECIALLY if you were a Beth Moore fan who stopped liking her.

Chrissa (secular, middle grade)... I have read far too many bully books that just fell flat, where the bullying was almost glorified until the last two pages. This book was well done and was very realistic in my opinion. Bullying comes in many forms but this one mirrored some of my own experiences from the same time period. (See my mega list of American Girl book reviews here)

Corinne (secular, middle grade)... This book was overall fine and most parents will approve but others will dislike it. We are focused on two sisters with a beautiful and loving relationship navigating life in their new stepdad's home, dealing with anti-Asian racism (they have Chinese heritage), and training a search-and-rescue dog. They feel torn between their parents who divorced because 'the strain of the pandemic did their marriage in' but both parents are loving and understanding towards their daughters. Corinne is deceiving her best friend a lot for fear of her judgment but is overall a kind, conscientious person. There are plenty of lessons to be learned here. (See my mega list of American Girl book reviews here)

The Enlightenment of Bees (Christian, contemporary Christian fiction)... Good story, kept me interested until the end. I listened to the audio book and was frustrated to hear the narrator say that there is a "petrified walrus penis" in a museum in Seattle, that someone was making her breasts perkier, and that someone's luggage being lost meant she didn't even have extra panties. 🙄 it makes me sad that even Christian fiction isn't smart to listen to with the kids nearby.

Haunted Waters (Christian, middle grade)... Quite the thrill ride! This is going to be a big hit with my oldest in a year or two.

The Isle of Swords (Christian, YA)... Also a thrill ride that will be a big hit with my oldest someday. Contains violence (like any good pirate novel?) but so good! I will definitely try book 2 soon.

Lost in the Caverns- The Dreamkeeper Saga, book 3 by Kathryn Butler* (Christian, middle grade)... These are such good books! There is a lot of adventure and a great faith thread. I look forward to book 4.

White City by Grace Hitchcock (Christian, historical fiction)... Loved this historical suspense set during the Chicago World's Fair! This is the story of a young woman amateur sleuthing around HH Holmes- America's first serial killer who many expert historians believe may have actually been Jack the Ripper. So good and fascinating, and not at all gruesome or gory!

The Words We Lost by Nicole Deese* (contemporary Christian fiction)... I really loved this book! It is billed as a romance and you know all along it's heading in that direction but this is so much more! It's an exploration of a beautiful friendship, it's a hunt for a lost manuscript (pirates!), it's a journey to emotional healing from a painful past. This book was so good and makes me want to read everything by Nicole Deese! (I also really enjoyed Before I Called You Mine).  

* I received a free copy of The Words We Lost and Lost in the Caverns in exchange for an honest review. 

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