Monday, January 15, 2024

Homeschool Science: Zoology

This was my first time trying Campfire Curriculum and we loved it! There is no required supplementation but we have some kiddos who love deep-diving into animals so we went all out. I loved the ability to tailor it all to different age levels, the layout, the images, everything. My only true complaint would be the printing, that it's all digital and you have to get it printed, but even that was no big deal. Highly recommend, looking forward to trying more! 

Books: A Passion for Elephants (secular, picture book) // No Monkeys, No Chocolate (secular, picture book) // Koko's Kitten // Amazing Animals series // Giant Squid 

Videos/ Movies: Amazing Dogs // North America // Planet Earth // Jane (does show chimpanzees mating but I could tell it was coming so I just "accidentally" hit the next scene button on the remote and all was well) // Serengeti 

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