Thursday, March 7, 2024

Middle Grade March- 10 Great Adventures

📚 Adventures of a South Pole Pig (secular)... This is such a fun read, about a young farm pig who admires sled dogs and is determined to become a sled pig. Her story is an adventure to be sure. 

📚 The Chronicles of Narnia (Christian)... I have always loved this adventurous allegory series and now my oldest loves it, too. 

📚 The Dreamkeeper Saga (Christian)... This is a very fantastical and adventure-driven story rich with Christian symbolism. There are four books in the series so far and it's a huge hit with my middle grader. 

📚 The Green Ember (Christian)... This one, full of battles and allegory, has been a huge hit around here. Every kid we've loaned it to has loved it! 

📚 Hunger Winter (Christian)... This WWII adventure involves a big brother doing everything he can to get his little sister to safety. I loved their relationship and it's rare that a middle grade gets my heart racing but this one did! 

📚 The Inkwell Chronicles (Christian)... This one takes place in Scotland and I loved the literary nuggets thrown in. 

📚 Jack Zulu and the Waylander's Key (Christian)... One of my son's very favorites, from the author of the Green Ember series. 

📚 The Restorationists (Christian)... These children have the ability to travel into paintings making for a different kind of adventure altogether! 

📚 Winterfrost (secular)... I love this one. Set in Denmark, Bettina has to go on quite the adventure when her baby sister is kidnapped by a gnome-like creature called a nisse. 

📚 A Wrinkle in Time (Christian?)... I liked this one but my son adored it. This one is controversial among Christians. It's a five book series but I've only read the first two so far. 

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