Saturday, March 30, 2024

March Homeschool

We're still enjoying the same specific rhythm to our main four homeschool days. That fifth day is for catch-up, review, field trips, educational games, etc. We took a spring break this month because of a big extracurricular event we traveled for (and we extended the trip to visit with extended family, too). This was our March. 

Morning Basket (coin termed by Pam Barnhill) while they did handwriting: Bible // God is in Nature devotional // Poetry // Etymology // Life Skills for Kids 

Read-aloud- Ragweed   

Math- TGTB course books // Economics for Children DVD: Saving, Spending, and Investing Money 

Language Arts- spelling // The English Grammar Workbook // buddy reads with Mom // Creative Writing // journaling prompts // letters to out-of-state family // We joined a writing contest and the kids wrote a piece of their choice (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) to submit 

History or science... 

History- The Story of the World, volume 2 // Coloring the Story of the World // Life in a Medieval Castle and Village // Honest History Magazine issue sixteen: The Way of the Samurai 

Science- Paleontology // Wind and Waves for the younger kids // Magic School Bus Exploring Oceans Kit // Aquarium and Discovery Center field trips in Boise, Idaho! // Magic School Bus ocean episode

Extras- government and economics with Dad // cooking lessons // big event for the extracurricular activity some of my kids do // allllll the games! 

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