Thursday, March 28, 2024

Recent reads

📖 Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior (secular, health, cookbook)... Some of the woman warrior stuff was a bit much for my liking but good overall and we loved the recipes we tried. (In particular, the amaretto chocolate cherry hazelnut scones my daughter made + their German chocolate frosting on top of our own black bean brownies!)

📖 The Blue Zones (secular, nonfiction, health)... Fascinating! Some of the points seemed fishy to me but many (most?) made a lot of sense. 

📖 The Choice (Christian, general fiction)... Set partially in 1974 and partially in 2008, this Christian fiction was heavily focused on teen pregnancy, adoption, and abortion. This took a conservative Christian view of abortion. Due to the nature of the topic, this one contained subject matter some will not be comfortable with, as well as on off-page sexual assault we hear about in non-graphic language. This was my third Robert Whitlow book and I really love his writing style! 

📖 Forks Over Knives magazine (nonfiction, cooking, magazine)... My step-father-in-law bought this for me on our Boise, Idaho trip (He also eats plant-based). This month's edition had over a hundred recipes and we want to make so many of them! I've never been able to buy myself an issue is because they're $13 magazines but I have to say, this actually felt like a steal as a $13 full-cover cookbook! 

📖 Habits: Charlotte Mason Topics, Book One (nonfiction, homeschool)... Overall fine, I think? It was a very short read. I loved sone of it and of course disagreed with some of it. I'm not a fully Charlotte Mason homeschool mom, more of an eclectic style with heavy Charlotte Mason influences, but true CM-ers who don't already own her full works will likely enjoy it. 

📖 The Right Kind of Fool (Christian, historical fiction)... I really liked this... part murder mystery, part coming-of-age, part family drama. Set in 1930s West Virginia. 


  1. The Right Kind of Fool sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. Also I think I still need a West Virginia book so this will fit the bill! :D

    1. Perfect! I should add that it was pretty slow-paced at times, but I still liked it!


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