Thursday, March 14, 2024

Recent middle grade reads

📖 Captain of the Ship (secular, middle grade, historical fiction)... This war of 1812 story was a good one, which I added to my 4th grade list, and I will definitely read book 2. More American Girl book reviews here. 

📖 To Hope and Back (secular, historical nonfiction told in a fictionalized way, from the TGTB book list)... I really liked it, but I tend to like most WWII books.

📖 Life With Lily (Christian, Amish fiction)... Amish fiction for kids! I really enjoyed this one, book one, and will continue to read the series. 

📖 Lily to the Rescue: The Three Bears (secular, general fiction)... Cute. One incidence of a brother calling another an idiot while their mother is saying the family doesn't like their teasing speech (something like 'I'll stop if the idiot stops') but otherwise fine. 

📖 Medical Miracles (secular, nonfiction)... Not as miraculous as I'd hoped but definitely fascinating! I learned a lot from this short book. 

📖 Ragweed (secular, general fiction)... So fun! I kept picturing the jazzy cats from the old Aristocats movie, but as mice. Looking forward to reading this one aloud to my kids. 

📖 The Three Investigators: The Mystery of the Fiery Eye (secular, middle grade)... These books, like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, tend to be fine but a slog for me to read. This one was actually pretty fascinating and fun to follow! 

📖 Viking Quest series (Christian, historical fiction, from the TGTB book list)... Vikings, and especially from a Christian perspective, are such fascinating but rare subject matter. I liked this series and look forward to seeing what my son thinks! 

📖 The Winged Watchman (Christian, historical fiction, TGTB list)... My son has been looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint. I tend to like most of the WWII fiction I meet, though! 

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