Monday, March 11, 2024

Recent Reads

📖 8 Great Smarts for Homeschoolers (Christian, nonfiction)... So great, cannot recommend enough! Even if you're not a homeschooler, or even a parent, it's also fun to figure out your personal intelligence styles. But as a homeschool mom, this book is solid gold. I'll be purchasing a copy to refer back to. 

📖 Bundles of Joy (Christian, contemporary fiction, Christmas)... I started this Christmas read in December but once Christmas was over, I was over it. I finally finished it though! It was not a typical Robin Lee Hatcher novel, nor my favorite of hers, but it was a cute Christmas read. 

📖 Crazy Love (Christian, nonfiction)... This book is technically a bit legalistic at times but I personally felt like it was an important kind, a reality check that this world is not our home and we don't want to be living for this world. Very inspiring! 

📖 Dewey (secular, nonfiction)... I am trying to read more animal books since two or maybe three of my kids are very into animals and will likely love these as teenagers. This was a high school yes.

📖 Eli (Christian, speculative)... I was very pleasantly surprised by this speculative fiction, a kind of biblical fiction with a twist where Jesus came to earth not 2000 years ago but now! This one also works well as a book for guys. 

📖 The Foxhole Victory Tour* (Christian, historical fiction)... Fans of WWII books will love reading a story set in places you rarely see- Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia! You'll especially enjoy this one if you are a music lover. I also always a appreciate a story told from more than one perspective. 

📖 From Depths We Rise (Christian, nonfiction)... This woman's story is so heartbreaking but my goodness, her faith! Very powerful story. 

📖 To the Moon and Back (Christian, contemporary fiction)... Centered around grief regarding the Oklahoma City Bombing, something I don't believe I've ever encountered in fiction before! Technically a Baxter Family book but more about the other characters and works perfectly as a stand-alone. 

📖 The Promise of Jesse Woods (Christian fiction, time slip)... This gritty book was so well-written and hard to put down! One character deals with sexual assault more than once (though it isn't gratuitously graphic) but I still plowed through it. I also found that it deeply inspired me to make a difference in my own town for the children whose families struggle with food insecurity. (We recently watched A Place at the Table and this just added so much fuel to the fire that movie started). 

📖 Tuesdays With Morrie (secular, nonfiction, memoir)... Goodness, what a beautiful book! I believe the A word is used twice but still- so touching, so inspiring, want to read it every few years to remind myself what matters here and want to recommend it to everyone, everyone!

* I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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