Monday, March 4, 2024

Series I've started and would like to (eventually) finish

The Delusion by Laura Gallier (Christian, YA, speculative)... Spiritual warfare YA that was captivating and really made me think! There wasn't a sequel yet but now there are two and I should really read them!

Dreamkeeper Saga by Kathryn Butler (Christian, Middle grade, fantasy)... I'm caught up but there will be a new one coming out in March!

Isle of Fire by Wayne Thomas Batson (Christian, YA)... I really surprised myself with how much I liked the first two pirate stories in spite of some piratey violence. I will read the third later this year.

Left Behind and Left Behind Kids by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye (Christian, speculative, adult and YA versions)... I love these stories but have never finished either! I think I'm going to stick to tackling the 40-book YA version for now and then restart the 12-book adult version down the road. 

Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes (Christian, YA)... I believe this one is a trilogy and I've only read book 1 so far. 

Promises of God by Kim Cash Tate (contemporary Christian fiction)... I actually came close to reading the second book last year but then I realized her previous books tackle the same family members! I want to start at the beginning and enjoy them like a Baxter Family experience... Probably after I've caught up with the Baxters.

Swipe by Evan Angler (Christian, middle grade, speculative)... I was really into book one of this dystopian series so why haven't I finished it?! 


  1. I really enjoyed The Delusion series, definitely make you think. I'm still thinking about them several months later.

    1. I still think about the first book after all these years so I believe it!


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