Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Reading, 2017!

If you have a reluctant reader on your hands, enticing them with the prizes below might be quite helpful. If they’re STILL reluctant, consider finding a book with his or her name inside through Name in a Book!

Public Library- I have really fond memories of the summer reading program at my childhood library. When I was teaching before A was born my whole summer school class did the summer reading program and it totally took me back to those days. Most libraries offer these programs even for babies, and a few of the towns I’ve lived in have even had reading programs for adult patrons.

Family Christian- We don’t have a Family Christian store where we live but last year they offered this program online so we got to participate any ways! By the end of the program we got to pick a free book and A picked a Berenstein Bears book. It actually turned out to be a nice three-in-one hardcover book so I was impressed to say the least.

Pizza Hut- I loved Pizza Hut’s reading program as a kid too. Free personal-sized pizza for lunch, score! They also have a special program for homeschoolers.

Fazoli's- Fazoli’s was one of my favorite restaurants as a kid and their summer reading program was definitely my second-favorite, after the library’s. =]

Barnes& Noble- We don’t have a Barnes & Noble in our town, but we live close enough to one that I can definitely justify letting my kids join their program each summer and letting them turn it in when we go visit that area.

Chuck E Cheese- Chuck E Cheese does offer gluten free pizza now, or so I hear, but if we join this program it’ll just be to take advantage of the free tokens summer readers get!

Scholastic- I had never heard of this one before this year but we are about to go sign up right now, assuming you can join at four years old!

Half Price Books-I've never actually been to a Half Price Books... but I've heard great things!

Books a Million- Another good one! Books a Million stores are located all over the country. 

Sylvan- Again, something we've never tried... but looks great! Available for kids k-8

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for local places, too! In our own town we have a used bookstore that offers prizes for mini bookworms, a thrift store that offers a free book from the children's section after a certain number are reached, and an ice cream joint that offers a free kid-sized scoop after a certain number of books/hours are achieved.

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